U7 & U8/U9 FUNdamentals OUTDOOR (2021)

The objective of the FUNdamentals Program is to get children moving,, develop fundamental movement skills and enjoying being physically active. Skill development at this stage should be well structured, positive and FUN and should concentrate on developing the ABCs of Agility, Balance and Coordination plus speed. Our weekday programs are specifically geared for boys and girls born between 2012 – 2014.    Spaces are limited – register early to avoid disappointment.

** Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, parents/spectators will not be permitted on the field during programming. Due to the double cohort rules, players in the Skills Centre development program cannot register for this program **
** As the guidelines surrounding COVID-19 are fluid, these recommendations could change at any time **

U7 Girls 2014 Mondays
TBA 6:00 pm 60 min
U7 Boys 2014 Mondays
TBA 6:00 pm 60 min
U8/U9 Girls 2013/2012 Tuesdays
TBA 6:00 pm 60 min
U8/U9 Boys 2013/2012 Tuesdays
TBA 6:00 pm
7:15 pm
60 min

** Players cannot register for a single day only **
** Dates and times subject to change based on field availability/registration numbers. Player Schedules will be released on or about June 1 and can be accessed via your Powerup Account **


Waterloo United presents an outdoor recreational program led by a combination of Skill Instructors and volunteer coaches and following a curriculum developed by The Technical Director and approved by Canada Soccer. Our approach incorporates research-approved strategies to help keep kids engaged, develop coordination, adaptability and skill while having fun and building psych-social skills.

    • Sessions will commence with some physical literacy, fun and coordination. Players will be placed in situations where skill can emerge through careful manipulation of the environment, variable repetition and activities to promote confidence and domination of the ball.
    • A variety of games (approximately 20-25 min) will conclude each session, allowing players to learn through playing while applying skills in context.
    • Volunteer/Parent coaches are required.
    • Paid Coaching Staff
    • The second session will combine continued technical and physical literacy development before progressing into small group game formats to include all players. These small (2 v 2 – 5 v 5) formats have been shown in top European countries to accelerate growth through increased interactions within authentic settings, as players make more decisions and have more opportunities to find their game personality.

We are excited to be able to provide a safe and progressive recreational soccer program that will help keep your son and daughter engaged in physical activity, enjoying soccer with their peers and improving their competence and confidence over the summer months.

Each player receives a full uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) Ontario Soccer Registration & Insurance Paid Coaching Staff – Day 2
Each player receives a ball Participation Medal   Field Costs

Year-End Festival: To be confirmed – if permitted in 2021


WMSC will make every effort to accommodate placement on a team with ONE other registered player if submitted by the April 30th deadline. All teammate requests must be one-to-one reciprocated requests. One-sided requests will not be considered. Should you have special circumstances or medical conditions that merit special consideration, please provide a note in writing once your registration has been completed. WMSC Teammate Request Policy


WMSC relies on the generosity of volunteer coaches for our Recreational House League soccer programs. Volunteering is a terrific way to get involved in soccer, while at the same time supporting your club and your community. Coaches, if you are not the primary account holder in the Power Up registration system,  you are required to have an individual account with a unique email address. Once you have created your profile you can volunteer with the club by clicking the VOLUNTEER NOW in the main menu. Returning coaches – please use your current coaching profile.


Players must wear a mask should they enter RIM Park, as well as in any common areas (ie washrooms). During the program, players may continue to wear their face masks. At this time, it is not mandatory to wear a face mask during training. If your child will be removing their mask during training, the advice provided by medical practitioners is to ensure it is kept in a zip-locked bag or small Tupperware container where it can be sealed. If this is decided for your player as an option, please have them bring one of the above with them to put their mask into whilst on the field.

** As the guidelines surrounding COVID-19 are fluid, these recommendations could change at any time **