Waterloo United to field Women’s and Men’s League 1 Reserve in the spring of 2020 as first steps towards providing Waterloo Regions only Full Player Pathway from grassroots to Professional!

As an elite standards-based development league, League 1 Reserve serves to function as the bridge for elite youth to the senior League1 level. Waterloo’s L1R teams will be the first steps towards Men’s and Women’s’ League 1 teams projected for 2021.

There are currently 14 teams in the women’s division and 16 in the Men’s which will field a League 1 Reserve team for 2020 alongside Clubs such as WMSC applying for League 1 Ontario teams for 2021.

All-League 1 Ontario teams will be required to have a League 1 Reserve team which will also be the solitary pathway for player call-ups to League 1. The League 1 Reserve season is expected to be split into two separate and fully independent sections: a 12 Match spring/summer season kicking off in May and a 10-12 game fall season kicking off late August. Teams are not required to play in both ‘sections’ which fits very well timing-wise for Canadian and U.S university and college-bound student-athletes.

For questions about this program, please email the clubs Technical Director, Matthew Shepherd.