2020 Grassroots Development Program (U9-U12)



The Grassroots Development Program has been re-defined from our past U9 – U12 Target and Development Program. The Grassroots Development Program will place a higher emphasis on the individual player and ensure that the individual is placed into an appropriate training and competition environment. The changes will align WMSC with Ontario Soccer’s Development Matrix and Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development Plan.

U9 – U10
Boys Open House
U11 – U12
Boys Open House
U9 – U10
Girls Open House
U11 – U12
Girls Open House

Please review the following 2020 Program Outline that includes details on
program cost, what is included, and the training schedule:


When the goalkeeper has the ball in their possession at a goal kick, after making a save or when the ball is in their hands, the opposing team members would “retreat” to the predetermined area of the field.

The predetermined areas are as follows:

  • 5v5 – Halfway line. It is recommended the goalkeeper does not drop kick the ball
  • 7v7 – 1/3rds line
  • 9v9 – 1/3rds line

For more information on the retreat line, please click here.


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Retreat Line

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Uniform Fitting FAQ

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